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Home Roasted Coffee Beans
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Pelican Moon Chocolate Latte (Hot)
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Pelican Moon Caramel Latte (Hot)
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Caffé Latte (Hot)
Home Roasted Coffee (Ice)

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Specialty Coffee

High quality raw beans are
carefully roasted at home.

Our Coffee

Our Coffee

All of Pelican Moon Cafe's coffees are home-roasted using a state-of-the-art roasting machine installed in the store. Because our specialty coffee is carefully selected, we want to pour it into our customers' cups in a fresh state where the original flavor of the beans can be fully appreciated. We use different machines for dripping depending on the type of drink, and through repeated trial and error, we have come up with a special recipe that enables us to provide our customers with barista-quality coffee every day.

Our Coffee

For example, for a single latte, we have tried more than 100 combinations to find the ideal marriage of coffee beans and milk. We hope you enjoy the aromatic taste of our home roasted speciality coffee.