Glass Whisky  Single Malt  Scoch Whisky  Talisker 10
Mousse De Madame
Non-Alcoholic Beer  Premium Alcohol Free
Yebisu Beer
Glass Wine (Red)
Glass Wine (White)
Glass Gin  Finland Gin KYRO
Sparkling Wine  Piccolo Bottle (200ml)
Mousse De Mademoiselle

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Our Coffee

Our Alcohol

Picture a moment at a café in Paris or a bar in Milano. We aspired to
create a place where our wine and beer can be enjoyed casually just like drinking tea and coffee. An 8ft wide wine-cellar is placed right next to the entrance. Over 30 different types of wine from all over the world are stored at all times.

Our Alcohol

We also have 3 different types of draft beer. "Mousse de Madame" with a clear and bittertaste, and "Mousse de Mademoiselle" with a delicate and fruity taste are two draft beers which we named specially. A cafe can be just the place to enjoy alcohol comfortably, even when you're alone.

*For the glass wine, we select 4 different types of wine from the wine list each month.