About Us

Our Mission

【 Leadership , Creativity and Tolerance 】
Leadership, Creativity, and Tolerance.

With our parent company, Land Business, Pelican Moon will aspire to realize their mission together.
We will keep pushing our boundaries and build a society full of life with creativity and action.

【A cafe experience you never imagined】
・A facility that expresses a dreamlike space. A clean and comfortable environment will be maintained at all times.
・What is true hospitality? This is the question we always ask ourselves to keep pursuing for the world’s best standards.
・An appetizing food that will make both your body and mind healthy will be served with our finest tableware.

【We take serious in】
The 4 most important aspects for a cafe&restaurant, which is,

“Quality” “Service” “Sanitation” “Atmosphere”

We will keep striving to provide a place where you can feel like you’re at a resort in your day-to-day life.
We hope you join our ride as we continue our journey.

A café experience we hope to create

To become a cafe that will inspire and delight the people in town. Our story begins from this strong desire. With the concept of, “A little getaway trip in your everyday life”, we will build a new café experience and culture as we pursue our role as an independent anchor in the flow of time. Pelican Moon Caffé cherishes to provide ” a flavouful coffee and food”, “an elegantly designed facility”, and “hospitality”. The self-service cafe we designed, allows us to always explore a way in creating a more comfortable space for our customers. Through this project, we aspire to build a prosperous society where each and everyone is happy.

Company Profile

Trade name Pelican Moon Co., Ltd.
Main office Kasumigaseki Building, 3-2-5
Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
CEO Masamichi Kamei
Established October 8, 2020
Capital 100,000 thousand yen